Ingrid Alvarez on Social Media

Ingrid has been using social media to connect online since the inaugural days of AOL, Friendster and Eventually, using social media became part of her daily routine, especially once she moved away from her friends in Seattle. Soon her new obsession to keep in touch became integral to her interdisciplinary career.

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In 2005, Ingrid had a pivotal conversation at her day job when her boss asked, “What do you think about blogging?” A few days later, a bubbly outgoing woman told her she “must get on MySpace.” Ingrid was fully intrigued and began to study the power potential of sharing content and building an online network. It was decided – utilizing digital media was key to doing what you love and getting paid for it.

Once Ingrid became certified in web design through the University of Washington in 2007, she immersed herself in Internet technology and online marketing and began offering these services to clients. To help spread the word, she started teaching classes on Blogging and Search Engine Optimization. Doing so, she’s met some key industry players who influenced her career path in technology and online marketing.

Ingrid enjoy utilizing social media to document her artistic process. Additionally, Ingrid spent several years working as a consultant for web design, marketing and social media marketing using the name Creating Media Works. She has coached individuals, delivered strategies for corporations, and taught Social Media classes at the Manhattan based co-working space In Good Company (now closed). Ingrid has taught classes for business owners such as “Blogging 101”, “Social Media Survival Kit” and “Building Community Engagement via Twitter”.

Questions? Please send Ingrid a message.

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