Artist Statement

I vividly remember making my first marks and drooling in awe over Picasso books at age 3. Spending hours drawing, imagining new shapes, and experimenting with pencil, pen, crayons, markers, paint, glue and paper, was my favorite thing to do.

DIY was big in my family growing up – I learned practical crafts like sewing, cooking, childcare, gardening, and cosmetology from my mother and sisters whom guided me to excel in academics. They fostered cultural talents such as dancing, acting, art, writing, public speaking, and playing music. My father drew illustrations and formulas on napkins at lunch teaching me about physics, science and engineering. We disassembled computers, radios, clocks, VCR’s and anything that could be taken apart and put back together, to learn how things work.

At young age, I was a renaissance woman in training! Feeding multiple interests has always been exciting to me. I explore artistic mediums ranging from painting, drawing, and sandpainting installations. To make a living from art, I became a self-taught business owner and document my work through photography, film, writing and publishing to social media. As I get older, my path as an artist and how to integrate these talents becomes more clear over time.

Painting is most fascinating to me – what different colors are made of and how they can be manipulated to communicate the essence of my ideas. Capturing a moment in nature or illustrating a person’s energy are often portrayed in my paintings. Color as emotion, or “seeing” energy, is a common theme in my art. The fact that we can only see a tiny fraction of what exists around us never ceases to amaze me and fuels my imagination.

Practicing meditation and awareness drives me to blend what I can observe and understand, with another dimension or spirit. I believe that everyone can embrace artistic expression as a form of healing and empowerment. Making art keeps our souls alive.