Allison Pond in Autumn

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Painted at Allison Pond in Staten Island with Art Lab instructor Robert Sievert’s Plein Air Painting class.

Great Kills Beach

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Miniature oil painting on 4″x4″ canvas, painted plein air on Staten Island.

Greenhouse Garden

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Plein air painting at Snug Harbor, Staten Island, with Art Lab’s 2013 Summer Studio Program.

Late Summer at Silver Lake

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Painted at Silver Lake, Staten Island, with the plein air painting class taught by Art Lab instructor Robert Sievert.

Pittsburgh Skyline

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Commissioned painting of the Pittsburgh skyline requested for a gift, completed in 2013.

Winter Tree in Brooklyn

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Commission painting completed in Brooklyn studio, inspired by trees in Prospect Park.

Late Summer

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Painted in Seattle studio and sold in 2005.

Autumn Crows

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Painted in Seattle studio in 2005.

Favorite Things

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Commission painting completed in Seattle studio and sold in 2003.

First Stop Light

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Painted in Seattle studio from a vintage photograph of a friend and resident living in an assisted living home.

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